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Pulp and Paper
Specific Applications

Pulp and paper operations are tough on their equipment. From the initial log offloading and piling, to the slasher/de-icer decks, debarking drums, through the bark hogs and chippers, and into the final chip sizing and screening, the combination of impact, sand abrasion and tannic acid attack results in a very unique wear environment. At the exit end of the boilers, there is also a combination of fly ash abrasion and heat/oxidation. These complex, multi-mode wear systems require not only the best products, but also the expertise to apply them correctly.

Tricon Wear Solutions offers the materials and applications expertise to keep your plant running. Tri-Braze and Tri-Braze Dura-Plus provide the best combination of wear and impact resistance, Duracorr ™ has the corrosion and oxidation advantages of a stainless steel while also being abrasion resistant, and Super-C provides the highest sliding wear resistance to maximize the service life of your equipment.

Typical applications include:

  • Bark Hog Hammers
  • Chipper Hoods
  • Chutes and Hoppers
  • Debarking Lifters
  • Deicer Decks
  • Drag Chain Decks
  • Hog Grates and Screens
  • Hog Rotor Rebuilds
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Speed Up Rolls
Aggregate/Sand & Gravel
Power Generation
Road Construction
Cement & Concrete
Waste/Recycling/Wood Recycling