The Tricon Story

Humble Beginnings

Buck Ferguson, Warren “Woody” Wood and Jim Bell were taking a great leap of faith when they decided to start Tricon Metals and Services back in 1968. At first, they sold an as-rolled wear resistant grade called Tricon 300, and our very first Quench and Tempered Heat Treated wear steel called Tricon 400. This was all done out of a small office and attached warehouse in Irondale, Alabama. With a lot of determination, Buck, Woody and Jim built this company on three fundamental principles that still exist today.

* Provide the highest quality products.
* Have a single-minded dedication to servicing the customer.
* Maintain a complete inventory to meet the customer’s needs quickly and efficiently.

A Vision Toward the Future

In 1970, the product line expanded to include Tri-X 415, our first specialty grade steel. A year later, we introduced Tri-Braze, our flagship wear steel.

By the mid 70’s, annual revenue was exceeding $2 million and the company began outgrowing the original space. The entire operation was located in what is now the Inside Sales Department as well as Bay 1, which is less than 10% of our current square footage. During the latter part of the decade, as the product line expanded to include Triloy shafting and Special Treated pins, we added the Bar and Plate Bays and the machine shop.

A business
A Backbone

Since 1968, TRICON Wear Solutions™ has become one of the world’s leading suppliers of custom fabrication, custom processing, proprietary abrasion-resistant plate materials and specialty steels. From pulp and paper mills to chemical and refining operations, we are determined to continue providing a wide range of products to a wide range of industries.

Growth and Expansion

As time passed, TRICON went through several ownership changes with Mr. Ferguson eventually becoming the primary stockholder. Under his guidance, the company grew. We added products, including Super C and Super-X pins. We also added new facilities in Elko, Nevada, (1989) and Chicago, Illinois (2003). The company remained in the Ferguson family until October 2008, when it was sold to Kennametal.

Under the Kennametal banner, we continued to grow the product lines and facilities. The Prime-Arc welding line was expanded and improved, our international footprint increased and we developed our newest and best wear steel called Tri-Braze Dura-Plus.

In December of 2015, we were acquired by Madison Industries, an industrial holding company based in Chicago. This is when Tricon Wear Solutions was born. We believe that Madison’s financial strength combined with TRICON’s brand and product line will be a powerful combination, ultimately allowing us to better serve our customers and improve their bottom lines.


We continue to operate on the three core values started by our founders, including providing the highest quality products, having a single-minded dedication toward customer service and maintaining a complete inventory to meet a customer’s needs quickly and efficiently.

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